How to register (help)

# How to register at 2016 World Ashihara Karate Championship:

1. First, please register an account. Click the "User Registration" button and complete all fields in the form.
Your account will be approved as soon as possible.

2. After your account has been aproved, you will receive another e-mail containing the information about how to log in and set your password.

2. Please log in based on the security link provided in your approval email.

3. Set your password.

4. Once you are loged in, please "Add your club" using the menu placed in the footer of the page.

5. After you have created your club, please start add the competitors.

6. After you have registered the competitors, please register the competitors at the specific competitions:
     - Kumite Registration
     - Kata Individual Registration
     - Kata Teams Registration

# Important Note:

Please register the competitors very carefully because the registrations are not editable.
Only the competitor's profiles are editable.

You are fully responsible for adding the correct details for each competitor in your team.
The events they will be registered for (Kata and Kumite) are based on the details you enter here.


Thank you for participating at 2016 World Ashihara Karate Championship.